Your subscription to great recruiting

With HROS Recruiting Subscription our dedicated recruiting experts help you fill open positions in no time.

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Your subscription to great recruiting

With HROS Recruiting Subscription our dedicated recruiting experts help you fill open positions in no time.

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Never not finding talents

Personal recruiting support from day 1

Recruiting talents for your open positions can be a challenge. Especially if it is plenty at the same time. Our recruiting experts support your recruiting process from day 1. From writing the job posting and getting the word out, to pre-screening applicants and helping you make the final decision, a personal recruiting expert will help fill your open positions in no time.
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Smart hiring

Pay for our success not our ambition

We know we can find you the perfect match for your open jobs. And we wanted our pricing to reflect this belief. Therefore our recruiting subscription is moderately priced, making the placement fee for a successful hire what we are really after. This puts us both in the same position: it’s the hire that counts.
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3 simple steps to perfect matches


In a kickoff call your personal recruiting expert will soak in all the info to make sure we can support all your needs.


Our experts will announce your job opening far and wide, identify interesting profiles and host screening calls to find suitable talents.


Our recruiting expert will support you throughout the interview process until you have found your next employee of the year.

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Pay the hire. Not the process.

Prices are individual as your needs.

We understand startups. And our subscription model is designed to please both your HR needs and your CFO.

Subscription Fee

The subscription fee starts at €1,000 / month for seed stage companies. It covers access to our brandnew tool, your personal Talent Acquisition Manager and up to 5 open positions simultaneaously. Bigger packages are also available.

Placement Fee

Whenever you successfully hire a candidate a placement fee is due. Placement fees depend on seniority and start at €5,000 per hire. As these are independent of yearly salaries, we will do everything we can to find you great people for great money.

For tailored recruiting solutions or HR consulting services, use the contact form.

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HR is in our DNA

Fast, well connected expertise at your service

HROS heart beats startup HR. Our international team of HR experts has connections across Europe with especially strong ties to the DACH market. Our talent managers are constantly in touch with talents across Europe, always adding to our private database with over 25,000 quality talents. We have individuals with over 30 years of HR expertise as well as a deep understanding of the startup world. A combination making us unstoppable when hiring for startups.

This is what our clients say ...

With over 30 years of experience we’re absolute experts in the field of Human resources. And we do it all for the perfect matches of companies and talents.

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"We have had such a great experience with HROS! As a startup on the go, with limited resources but growing fast, their recruiting experts stepped in and paved the way to hiring success for us. They were always there to answer any questions, made sure we had some great candidates and helped us with insightful, professional tips on how to recruit and manage candidates. Thanks to HROS, we felt safe and learned so much. We are very grateful!"

* * * * *

“HROS helped us scale by covering parts of our vacancies and taking over our internal recruitment processes, when we were short on in-house recruiters. They are very flexible and incredibly empathic and good at what they are doing, and they felt like a remote part of our team.”

* * * * *

"We've been using HROS for a few months this year, and have achieved some fantastic results. Chinwe quickly found the most efficient and successful way of working with us in our internal system and then ramped up the process. We saw quick results and made some immediate hires. It saved us a lot of time and we're very satisfied with the service"

* * * * *

"We have a long-standing partnership with HROS, and are very happy with their services and dedicated support. They have been a major part in helping us recruit many talented employees. We don’t consider HROS to be a recruitment firm, but rather a dedicated partner on our growth journey."

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HROS, and its previous brands, have positioned themselves at the center of the European startup ecosystem. The company recognised the need to transition to HR 3.0 as one of the first in Europe, and was thereafter able to translate its visionary ideas into leading products as well as an exceptional talent pool and network of over 25,000 unique Heroes. 
In addition, HROS' subscription model, with a strong emphasis on success-based incentivization, stresses its commitment to client satisfaction. Instead of charging fractions of the annual salary of new hires, HROS sets fixed placement fees. No exorbitant salaries for new hires, just a fair model in your interest and great value for money.

As subscription client, you get full access to the business.hros tool and a dedicated recruiting expert who will accompany you throughout the process. You get comprehensive recruiting support for at least five positions simultaneously and you can profit from the vast HROS talent network. In short, you get exactly what you pay for: first-grade recruiting support which data-driven yet personal.

The subscription prizes vary based on your company size and your hiring demand. Our basic subscription model starts at €833 / month for seed stage startups and allows you to engage us for up to five simultaneous job positions. 

The moderate subscription rates in combination with the placement fees ensure that you pay for results and not the process. 

First, create an account on and activate your recruiting subscription. 

Second, add the job descriptions of positions which you are currently looking for and press "activate recruiting".

Third, your dedicated recruiting expert will schedule a kickoff call to design the entire hiring process tailored to your needs. 

Subsequently, according to your desired process, our recruiting experts get to work and align with you on a weekly basis.