Passion to lead

Are you the leader you wished for? Upskill yourself with our 3-day intensive leadership course.

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Passion to lead

Are you the leader you wished for? Upskill yourself with our 3-day intensive leadership course.

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Lead with passion

Grow and retain your community of happy talents.

Great talent is hard to find. And even harder to keep. We don’t just find the perfect match for your open positions - we continue the journey with you to help the best talent unleash their potential.
By upskilling your managers and providing them with practical toolkits to perform in their roles, you make a key investment in all employees across the board. So your talents and organisation can thrive.
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Be a better leader

Only around 10% of bosses are born a natural leader.

Good news: leadership skills can be learned! According to Gallup, 70% of the variance in a team's engagement can be linked to management. Foster a new manager mindset. We provide you with the tools to become an impactful leader who is able to empower, trust and motivate their teams.  
An overwhelming 57% of employees have left their job because of bad managers (DDI, 2019). Don’t let your talents be among those. Train your leadership skills like the muscle it is, and become the leader you want to be. 
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HROS leadership skills training


Who can benefit
  • Middle Management
  • Team Leads
  • Department Heads


What to learn
  • Leadership Toolkit for daily use
  • Servant leadership in dynamic environments
  • Strategies to boost team performance and satisfaction


Where we coach
  • Vienna, Austria
  • In-person workshop
  • HROS office city center


Choose a slot
  • 26-28 June
  • 13-15 September
  • more options to come in fall


How much it costs
  • €1,800 per person
  • max. 12 Participants from various startups/scaleups
  • 30% off for 2+ employees


How we teach
  • Highly interactive
  • Group coaching and roleplay
  • Peer learning


What you get
  • Intensive f2f training in the centre of Vienna
  • Lasting leadership skills
  • EQ Test and 1 hour individual coaching
  • Training Certificate


Who teaches you
  • Lukas Rippitsch, ex-Googler and co-CEO HROS
  • Desi Kaytazova, Senior Consultant and
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The coaches

Your leadership dreamteam


Lukas Rippitsch

MSc., SCPM, Founder and Co-CEO

After working for an investment bank, Google and Improove, Lukas is currently the Co-CEO of HROS, as well as a lecturer at the Innovation Incubator of the Technical University Vienna. Being a serial-entrepreneur allows Lukas to teach utilising his vast array of startup exerpiecenes.

Lukas aims to help teams to constantly outperform stakeholder expectation with a clear focus on making processes more efficient.

Known for his consistent good mood and high energy level, he thrives in a fast-paced digital environment and will help you do the same. His passion for HR and data results in a unique leadership approach, which you can benefit from.

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Desi Kaytazova

MA. Psychology, PG. HR Management

Desi’s drive for maximising team performance, learning and personal development has come together in her passion for coaching and creating training designs. She is a FEPTO-certified group therapist and an external lecturer at the international programs at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems.

As a Senior Consultant in the HR tech sector, Desi is focusing on facilitating processes for clients related to people and organisational development.

Having worked for tech companies and leading operational and partner content teams at for several years, Desi understands the high-growth environment like no other.

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The training details

Day #1

A day to get acquainted with the group, find out what leadership truly is and which style is yours.

  • The trust & inspire paradigm for leaders
  • Leadership styles - your style
  • Leadership in action: the role of a leader
  • Networking dinner and drinks
Day #2

On Day 2 we get to know the leadership toolbox and practice specific skills you’ll use everyday.

  • Leadership toolkit frameworks and roleplay
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Coaching conversations
  • Active listening skill
Day #3

We’ll further practice specific skills and individually plan your development as a leader.

  • Emotional intelligence: from leaders to superheroes
  • How to manage upwards
  • Communication styles and adapting your style
  • Action plan for your personal development as a leader
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See what our previous participants say.


The fact that the training was pretty much hands-on, focused on examples and real-life scenarios was quite useful.


The sessions were quite flexible and we followed the path we felt was most useful for us as a group. This made the sessions very fruitful and relevant for everyone.


Hands on training was great. Role play and letting us share our learnings and observations. There was a great safe space created immediately. The fact that HROS understands the start up environment helped a lot.


Building a community of peers, giving useful tools to address everyday's tasks. Especially improving the way we give and receive feedback.

Startup is in our DNA

Fast, well connected expertise at your service.

HROS heart beats startup HR. Our international team of HR experts has connections across Europe with especially strong ties to the DACH market. Our talent managers are constantly in touch with talents across Europe, always adding to our private database with over 25,000 quality talents.
We have individuals with over 30 years of HR expertise as well as a deep understanding of the startup world. A combination making us unstoppable when supporting startups and scaleups across the board.