We find who you are looking for

With Active Sourcing we’ll deliver talent profiles matching your companies criteria in no time

Active Sourcing

We find who you are looking for

With Active Sourcing we’ll deliver talent profiles matching your companies criteria in no time

Active Sourcing

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Handpicked talents for your needs

They might not look for you. So you should look for them!

Only a third of those employees open to a new job, are actively looking for one. Meaning you’ll miss out on 7 out of 10 desirable talents, if you  simply wait for applications to job postings. 
Active Sourcing ensures you’ll tap into the large pool of talents not proactively applying for jobs and find great future employees before your competitors do.
Start Sourcing

Don't trust our word? Trust the numbers!


better conversion rate

Compared to an inbound approach you are 6x more likely to find a quality talent with active sourcing.


of talents are open to a new opportunity

Only around 29% of talents are actively looking for a new opportunity. The other 58% need to be approached by you. Or us.


of recruiting experts are sourcing actively

To speed up their hiring process and improve their success rate two thirds of startups use active sourcing.


improved matching probability

Every second inbound talent does not match the job criteria. When actively sourcing every single talent will match your criteria.

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Let us find who you need

Lean back and let us do the heavy lifting.

Active Sourcing is effective. But especially if you want to quickly hire for multiple positions or don’t have access to quality talents pools, it is also very time consuming.


So let us do the sourcing for you! 

We are experts for startup HR in any phase of the business and have access to our own quality talent pool as well as multiple other databases. 

With this deep understanding we can find you talents profiles, while you continue to excel your business.

Find Talents Now

3 simple steps to perfect matches


Tell us who you are looking for and get our HR experts insights on further criteria for your position in a kick off call


We seek for talents matching 100% of your criteria within our own quality talent pool as well as other


A list of qualified talents will be shared with you within the agreed upon timeframe Now all that’s left to do is contact them to find your your match

Let’s get started

Pick your fit

Choose your individual pricing package

HROS Package

  • kick off call with our HR expert
  • 100% criteria match
  • personal HROS contact
  • fast delivery
  • access to HROS unique 25k strong talent pool
  • 20 hours active sourcing

SuperHROS Package

  • kick off call with our HR expert
  • 100% criteria match
  • personal HROS contact
  • fast delivery
  • access to HROS unique 25k strong talent pool
  • 40 hours active sourcing
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Startup HR is in our DNA

Fast, well connected expertise at your service

HROS heart beats startup HR. Our international team of HR experts has connections across Europe with especially strong ties to the DACH market. Our talent managers are constantly in touch with talents across Europe, always adding to our private database with over 25,000 quality talents.
We have individuals with over 30 years of HR expertise as well as a deep understanding of the startup world. A combination making us unstoppable when hiring for startups.


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“HROS went above and beyond in discussing our sourcing needs and requirements. The regular contact allowed for a speedy response to feedback and as such a more useful service.”

* * * * *

"HROS helped us establish part of our team in an user friendly way during a critical time for our company's growth. The team was diligent and constantly made sure that the candidates met our job description's needs. Their agile approach to fine tuning the candidate search is extremely efficient."

* * * * *

"HROS has helped us source several candidates the past few months in technical and non technical roles. We feel like having a full time person working with our team to source, screen and hire high quality candidates. The team is very responsive, open to feedback and fast. We highly recommend them."

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In today's world you can't wait for applicants to come to you, especially not if you are an early stage startup. Startups have to go out and look for the right candidates, yet this can be very time consuming. To support our portfolio founders, Speedinvest has engaged HROS many times before, to actively source qualified candidates. This has been a great support and led to our portfolio companies making direct hires.

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Active Sourcing means that our recruiting specialist use their 35+ years of expertise to fill your recruiting funnel with exceptional talents. We utilise our database and network, as well as websites, such as LinkedIn, to identify talents who match your job requirements. We provide you with their profiles so you are able to directly reach out to them and invite them to a first interview.

Free Trial

Ten sourced profiles provided by our sourcing experts within two working days and a comprehensive feedback call to discuss these profiles.

Active Sourcing

A comprehensive sourcing project which is designed to answer all your open questions. We provide you with either 50 or 100 profiles within two weeks. Additionally, we gurantee continous support by our sourcing experts during the project.

The first ten profiles are included in the free trial with no hidden costs. If you want to fully engage us beyond the free trial, the costs vary depending on the number of profiles.

Up to 50 profiles cost €2,860.

Up to 100 profiles cost €5,720.

We do not get in touch with the talents as part of active sourcing. Our service lies in identifying suitable talents and providing you with their profiles. It is not guaranteed that these talents are interested in the job offer. However, our sourcing experts take factors, such as recent job updates, into account to provide you with profiles which are likely to be interested.

You want us to reach out to the talents too?

If you are interested in more comprehensive services, please use the contact form and we are happy to make a custom proposal according to your needs.